A little about Me

So I guess this is the part where I tell you about myself, well let me feed you my words then. Since I will not disclose to much of my personal life, I will tell you that I started to write poems when I was about seven or eight. I sometimes still write poems it all depends on my mood. From poems I wrote small short stories about characters from books I had read from joy. Each short story was a piece of myself, my own thoughts and feelings to the character(s). I did that for a few years before I completely stopped writing and stopped reading books. Now you're asking myself why did you stop? Easy question, and I got an easy answer. Because I lost interest, well that was until I wrote about my own characters. Each character, each persona I wrote of my own imagination was apart of me, each had my dark thoughts, some of inner qualities. Some even were me in writing. Each creation of writing I wrote; each antagonist, protagonist, and supporting roles were apart of my soul. So that you don't get confused I am telling you these things because I want you to know that I do love my characters because they ARE ME. Now you may also be asking yourself where do I draw my inspiration from? I draw it from everybody, from people I talk to on the internet, from people I see and from what's happened in every day life. The writing you'll be seeing is about a character I have been working on for several years, and I do love the creature I had created. The thing that brought me to vampires was the allure they bring, that sense of sexual persona they have about themselves. The very thought of them easily able to kill someone with a flick of a wrist is exciting. Each vampire story that has been written or is in the process of being written are great and each have their own uniqueness to it. From Bram Stoker's powerful story of a vampire named Dracula, To Anne Rice's powerful and sexy vampires, to even Stephenie Meyer's oh so human vampires. Now it's my turn to tell a tale about a vampire, you may like it or not I don't care. All that matters to me is that I enjoy it. If you have any questions feel free to ask me on here or email me at: lilant414@ymail.com

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Search for Truth
The air was quite, an eve of peace and stillness hung deep within the crisp of the Earth. If a pin would drop on the surface of this earth, it would echo throughout this dark place. The twilight above was black, while the rolling of gray clouds held back the surged brightness of the stars allowing no light to grace the land below it. The dying Eden beneath the heels of my feet crumbled and withered, the cellos of the chilling wind brushed across the surface of my skin while the green leaves several feet from me illuminated through the silver lining of the bright moon. Nothing could hold back the beauty that it possessed and power of the rays caused the waves to crash against the surface of the chiseled rocks. A lit cigarette dangled loosely from my thin lips while my golden black eyes peered through the darkness that would cause a normal person to walk blindly through it.
While the wind whimpered a soft secret in my ears, secrets of the physical organisms that were carelessly hiding within the darkness, though their voices kept in a low tone, he still picked out their words as though their lips have been pressed against my eardrums. My feet never moved forward from the stance that he was standing in, though the puffed smoke left my lovely dark lips. He was not sure if they knew of my presence or not, either way I knew I had to act soon. If I did not then her location will stay unknown to me. Another drag pulled through my lungs pulsing through the depths of my inures, flicking the cigarette from me the once quite street erupted with gunfire. Bullets whizzed through the air cutting through it like nothing, their objective for the bullets was none other than me, but they missed their target completely. Unlike the vampires in front of me, I never got accustomed to the new technology of weapons, never fully understood the concept of the bullet when the thrill of a kill was by the end of a dagger or sword.
Reaching behind myself, I pulled several throwing knives held within one of my hands, launching each instrument into the unbeaten hearts of the vampires. It was though the knives and vampire hearts were always meant to be intimate together. Flames consumed their corpses as black ashes sooner followed; the crashing of a body hitting trashcans started to surface from the side of the building that once housed the dead vampires.
Blood whipped into the air around me, causing a more curious notion from me. Though my steps were slow, I knew the bleeding victim would not move out of fear that his death would be slow. A beating heart screamed into my ears, calling out while the coursing of the blood pumped through its slow decaying chambers. The human’s scared expression was precious to me; I just wished I could take a still photo of that expression just to have a laugh out of it. While the dying body was leaned against the house and the throwing knife were embed into his chest that made me tilt my head to the side seeing right away that the knife had missed his heart by only mere inches. The crimson blood vessels poured from the flesh of his lips, walking further into my steps, each movement brought me closer to my dying victim, my scared victim. When the silver moon had their rays finally shine through the rolling of the clouds, they hit the flesh of my face the victim could see his attacker and soon-to-be killer. My features were breath taking, my creamed flesh brought against the rays while my eyes changed to their original smoky grey complexion.
My jet-black hair blended deeply well with the darkness, while my cheekbones slightly high pushed against the flesh of my face. Scuffed whiskers conspicuously shown on the surface of my jaw line that was perfection, I had a cocky grin that I always held, a persona that was a weakness to my strength. Pulling another knife from my jeans, showing the human the silver blade attached to the handle that was seven inches in length and two inches in width. The knife maneuvered within my digits having that cocky emotion wash away from my features turn into an emotionless expression. That thing struck fear into humans and even vampires those without emotion. Without emotion there is no attachment, there is a sense of freedom without having types of consequences or at least to those that think without emotion. Running the tip of the knife across the human’s arm, not breaking the flesh making sure it is intact for me to pluck later on if I had to. “I can bring your nightmares to life, torture you for days on end. Cause unimaginable pain to your body and mind, I can make such surgical incisions that will cause your body to erupt in pain. Make your pristine world shatter into cold hard reality, where I’m the predator and you’re just another lackey for me to pluck.”
“Now are you going to talk or should I just peel flesh from bone with my knife? I do not think you will tell useful information until I register pain into those archives of yours. However, curious I am as to why you are with the dying Eden’s children of the night? There are no human strongholds around here, the closet one is dozens of miles away, so why are you here?” Waited I had done, waited for an answer but none had ushered from the dying human lips. Like knife to butter, I had slowly pushed the knife forward cutting into the human’s flesh as if it was nothing. Passing through the surface of the flesh and through the layers of muscle tissue until the tip punctured his ulna bone. Splintered the white marble the knife had done under the stupendous pressure that he was utilizing on my bone.
Smelling the fear deluged my pores, I could feel the fear throughout my entire body. It sojourned within the depths of my body as though it was living within me. Without a scrape of conscience on the fringe of my mind, I hauled the blade from the marble bone causing splinters to erupt to the shallow surface of his flesh. An eruption of pain hurtled throughout the human’s body, screams echoed within the streets though such things were normal in a community full of vampires. The blood was enticing for me, nearly unbearable to contain the caged animal within the doors of my mind, my eyes changed from their normal smoky grey eyes and turned quickly into their golden-black eye color with crimson red pouring towards my pupil.
Black veins connected from my cheekbone all the way over my orbicularis oculi muscle, fang’s already ruptured through my pink gums. Still holding the knife within my hand, I infiltrated the wound again however with swiftness on my part. Pushing the knife up cutting the flesh from bone making sure that the arm muscle flapped open; it allowed the marble white bone to be exhibited to my delicate eyes. Each precious cut that I took scrapped across the bone cutting pieces of it off. What could the human do he was unable to transport his body to even move an inch. Fear finally manifested into the depths of the human’s mind; I could feel it as my own. It percolated throughout my entire body like the rivers of ancient Babylon.
“Now tell me where she human and I’ll send your suffering to a halt.” My hint of a Spanish accent slurred off my irriguous tongue and ushered through my thin lips. Though faking accents was one of my trademarks, I could not hide my true accent when speaking in my normal voice.
The voice that was full of bristle and acrimoniousness brought a self-rightness smirk to become embodiment on my face. With my digits the tips stroked across the bone, it was a loving touch just like a parent with a new born child. With the corner of my eye, I caught the misery across the human’s face. I was betraying those that protected from others, a Judas Iscariot of my people. In addition, those that betray their people will be welcomed through the mouth of hell consumed in an imperishable fiery torment to be tortured beyond recognizable comparison.
“In there, the answer is in that house.” His boney porcelain finger pointed towards the wooden dull house that he was stationed against. I looked at the mortal; he had something alluring about him, such grace about his words and his corpuscles was breath taking and caused inner turmoil for me not to break it from him. “If you are lying I’ll bring nightmares that are imaginable to life.” He did not say anything back, what was to be said? Could he even divulge a smart-ass comment or show an ounce of stoutheartedness. I moved towards the granite steps, each movement upon the steps scrapped the fragments in contrast to the heels of my feet. The steps eroded from the abominable whether and from how old the house and steps were. Claw marks chiseled away from whatever poor bastard became victim to the creatures sojourn. I was not sure if the marks belong to a human or a vampire, it would not be surprising if they had belonged to a vampire. The vampire species were known just like humans if not just as vicious as humans were. They are known to turn on one another within a matter of seconds if an opportunity illustrated itself.  
When I saw black bars cascaded down the windows blocking out any type of exit through the windows it only meant that the claw marks had belong to a human. With my right hand, I pushed open the chipped away door knowing it was already open. Once the door was pushed, open a gust of wind ruptured from the chilling walls of the house. Walking into the empty home, I could already feel that death’s chilling hand annexed innocent lives. Everything was broken down, most likely a small checkpoint for whatever operation that the vampire has had. The floorboards beneath my feet squeaked, some had large cracks in them looking as though any amount of weight placed upon it would cause the floorboard to break and shutter.
My smoky gray eyes scanned the walls seeing every inch of the wall covered in Polaroid photo stills, names written underneath each photo. Walking to the first wall on my left plucking a photo from the wall; the name Christie written underneath it the photo explicit to the eye, the photo captured a scene of rape and torture at the same time. Her ocular slopped down from the broken cavity that held it in. A slanted arm with the marrow of the bone sticking from the flesh; while blood was inundating from the wound, a look of satisfaction from the rapist; It was an old tactic I had used when the capturing of imagines were first created I had tortured my victims then took photos of them to send to their families. Though I never used the tool of rape during such practices, my eyes still affixed upon the photo, the female looked no more than sixteen years of age.
Dropping it onto the floor, he plucked another Polaroid photo; it was the same gruesome scene. Though the victim looked only fourteen, walking away from the wall, he slowly began to walk into the middle of the room. Dust bedaubed across the broken pieces of furniture, nothing was in one piece in the house. Stopping in my tracks while the dust disseminated around my feet, my movement had a surreal motion within it. Grabbing another photo from the wall, this one was different from the other’s I had looked upon; this one was of a girl fourteen years of age though not tortured at all. She was being scrutinized; the name beneath it read Alexis. I looked at the photo more closely, with a rapacious growl pushing through my vocal cords with of pellucid hatred, laughter left the lips of another creature, no not laughter. Comparing such noise to laughter was an insult; it was more like a brown hyena laugh. Though the laughter reverberated across the room, no bodily mechanism exhibited itself to me. If they are trying to scare me, they are doing a poor job of doing so, each word fluttered within my mind.
The thudding of your heart gives you away mortal. You should not have come to this place of death, now like all others you will die here.” With heavy eyes of boredom I looked around myself, nobody was axiomatic to my eyes. As if always before, they make their threats then appear out of nowhere with the look of death in their eyes; the thudding of my heart picked up higher, each thud brought more laughter from the hyena’s laugh. Such thudding was a subterfuge, a false sense of security for the vampires. Their transversal of motion was erupting all around me, the body count was unknown… for the moment. The shuffling of body mass and laughter filled the stale air; annoyance was starting to set in quickly. The vampire’s ignorance will be their own death; the underestimation of I was another down fall of their traits. Thudding of my heartbeat blended in the background of the cluttered noise, movement of feet brush across the floorboards on the second floor only meant they were going to manifest themselves to me soon.
Such allure in just one body is intoxicating; I can smell the blood that is dilating through your veins. Do you have an avidity to become one of us? I can already taste the aroma of your flesh, the pulsing of your body underneath mine.” However, I did not see the creature saying such words I can feel him, the salvo of lust coursing in the vampire’s sexual member. “Such desires to become a vampire, is not one I want. Though I have been dismantled the fragrance of a male counterpart.” The slurs of my words crossed through my lips and rolled across the vampire’s porcelain skin, they were like large doses of drugs being plunged into the vampire’s body. The vampire was talking as though they were infatuated with one another.
Finally, the vampire that had been making advances towards me was shown into the small light that was escaping through the missing pieces of the ceiling. His features were breath taking, just like all those of the vampiric nation. A chiseled chin, his cheeks flatten against his faces though his eye were a perfect pigment of blue. Blonde chopped hair was a mess on his hair, the frame of his body was that of newly beginner body builder. He towered over me by half a foot, and if we were both humans then it would look bad for the smaller party. Holding out the picture that was held within my digits each word leaving my mouth was a demand, each word a threat on the blonde vampire’s life “tell me where you found this female” pointing right at the photo captured of Alexis. 
I did not present myself as a potential threat; the element of surprise would be given away if I escalated my demands and advances to the vampire. Even though he pictured more vampires occupying the household of terrors it was only one creature bringing such actions.
Without no warning the blonde vampire, whom I would like to call Blondie came forward with aggression in his movement. With his fist balled, it was aimed towards my jaw, though the target of such action was missed. Like poetry, my feet moved preciously before each hit could register a contact. It was to mock Blondie, to show that size even for a vampire meant nothing. A look of disbelief and peril plastered across the expression on Blondie’s face, each swing Blondie took towards me met the air instead. A game it was to me, a game of cat and mouse, though in this case it was the mouse that thought it was a cat.
“What’s the matter Blondie? Not hitting your target?” My words were the source of the heated anger that was boiling within the soul of Blondie, and where anger takes ascendency of Blondie’s actions will lead to a mistake, which leads to death for Blondie. Grasping his wrist with a consummate strength I pulled him forward with a knee conflicted with Blondes’ abdominal as his muscles tighten from the impact. With elegance of a god, the blond vampire was already pinned against the beaten down wall with my hand around his throat. “I debilitated with these games, if I were you I would tell me where that girl is located. I can easily disavow it from your mind, painful though for you but jubilating for me.” Waited for a reply I had done, a reply was not greeted towards my words. Only the stillness of the air, dead silence was the answer. God how I do hate silence for an answer, with no reluctance at all a knife was embedded into Blondies’ abdominal and with the same swiftness, the silver knife trailed up cutting into the muscles and tissues. 
When answers were wanted, I would retract them in any form I needed to procedure. If I did not know better the virus of vampires were making the cerebral was dull. Each inch that the knife eradicated away the abdominal, the flesh would arrange itself to form the intact layers of flesh. With an abysmal growl, the knife embedded into his throat severing the windpipe. A useless tactic at best but a maneuver that could prove deadly to a vampire at the end if used correctly, with the applied encumbrance I could cut the esophagus in half along with the decapitation of his head. Breathing erotically my breathing had become, the anger starting to become the best of me it was. Each formed word I was able to muster through my lips drew annoyance within “listen very carefully, if you don’t tell where she is the human outside will gladly tell me before I kill him. So make it easy on yourself. Tell me where the female is and I won’t kill you.” Leant forward I was doing, the knife pushed forward cutting slowly into the esophagus while crimson life poured profusely through Blondie’s lips. God how cliché it was how vampires thought they were true immortals, I saw them as bottom feeders.
Now it is funny how I can think of vampires like that, it would mean I think myself as a bottom feeder. No, far from it. I was the next step of evolution, a creature not meant to be mended in existence.
Released the pressure of the knife I had done, waited for the words, possible lying words to be ushered from the vampires’ mouth. “She’s at Falcon’s den, right outside Madrid.” Retracting the knife from his throat while the wounds I had manifested upon his fragile body started to heal. However, the healing was sort lived, my digits pushed forward with the aim of the vampires’ heart. The digits punctured through the flesh and seized the decaying chamber hand it pulled from his chest. Blondie’s body slumped to the ground, the source of half his strength already gone. How a tiny organ could give such exorbitant power flow throughout the bodily form. Though dead, he was not, with my hand I slowly enclosed the organ watching it crushed and slither down to the floor. Like all vampires’ do, flames encased the body and accelerated upon the walls of the building consuming the Polaroid photos of the innocent humans falling victim to Blondie.
The flames engulfed everything in sight, while the building crumbled and splintered from the heated element I was safely outside while the wind fed the flames. Fire was a beautiful element, like all others, it possessed a mind of its own. A formidable enemy if one did not know how to control it. With the corner of my eye, I saw the human still in the same position I had left him, though he did move an inch or two. I should have left him there to suffer and die slowly from his wounds but left one of my knives in his marble bone I had done. With reluctance flowing through the joints of my bones and the blood flowing through every aspects of my body I walked to him. His arm was still slumped in the awkward position I had left it, when I pulled the knife from the bone a groan left the humans’ lips. A soft whisperer of words I would assume was directed towards me, or maybe he was going insane from the lack of blood in his body. “What are you? You’re different from the vampires, but yet the same.” With the cold bitter air filling my lungs and against my better judgment I answered him; “I am something the vampire’s shouldn’t have fucked with. I am the greatest creation evolution has to offer, a blend of vampire and human. Born of both species, an abomination at best. Well, the sexiest abomination anybody will ever come in contact with.”
With slender fingers, they caressed the humans chin, reclining his head to the side and with retracted fangs, they dug into the human’s neck. The flow of the blood poured into my throat, his memoires passed into my mind like a photo album. All his pass deeds of evil and good I saw as though I was acting them. All the rapes he had done to the poor souls in the house, all the killing, and torture of some. Would I say I cared? No, not really I did not. The reason why I had destroyed the building, the reason why I tortured and got information from these creatures was that I knew they knew where Alexis was. With the last drop, sucked the life from the human I done, a lifeless look he had about his features.
My feet withdrew from the burning building and the dead human that was slumped against it, pulling out a dairy I had done. Chastised it was, with a leather strap across the cover, flipping open the diary of my life. Each memory I drawn from the human, the actions I had done were poured aimlessly into the diary. With a black inked pen, filled the last spaces of lines on the paper.
Some would see me as a hero killing those of evil, torturing those of evil nature. However, I question myself of such heroic actions, how someone can be a hero when they themselves are evil and a villain. I was good; no I was more evil than the human and vampire I just killed. I was born a monster, a ‘Jack the Ripper’ to this world. Being the cancer to this world was starting to look homey to me. Dying Eden is starting to become hell on earth, and I am its face that resembles it. However, my words are starting that I am writing in this dairy is starting to talk about the turmoil in my mind. When I do find Alexis I will complete the circle of the quest to finding the answers that has been haunting me for nearly a decade.